Parenting: New study found over 80% of mothers had problems breastfeeding after cesarean. Here’s what you can do.

New community cohort study from Alberta Canada (n = 418), 37% were born by C-section. 80% of those mothers whose baby was born by C-section experienced difficulties with breastfeeding. My take-home message for parents: This is a very common story and it is not good enough.

Parenting tips: New research finds 80% of mothers have problems breastfeeding after cesarean. Here are options to support infant feeding choices.
New Study: Over 80% of mothers who gave birth by C-section had difficulties breastfeeding. Singh J. et al. Can J Public Health (2022).



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Toni Harman

I help parents and health professionals better understand the science of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the microbiome.