Join our new FREE online event for birth and breastfeeding professionals (and parents too!) 12–16 Sept 2022

The Science of Human Milk (HMOs) — Enroll now
The science of human milk — new free online event. 12–16th Sept. CPD/CE approved. Book your seat now:

So what is this FREE online event?

It’s like an online festival to celebrate breastfeeding, with videos, a CPD / CE approved mini-course, live webinar, discussion forums and lots more besides.


  • Approved for 1 CPD HOUR (ACM) which is accepted as 1 CPD HOUR by NMC
  • Approved for 1 CONTACT HOUR by ICEA — which is accepted as 1 CONTACT HOUR by CAPPA, DONA International, Lamaze International.

About me: Toni Harman

I write evidence-based blog-posts about the microbiome, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

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Want some more free stuff? Take our mini-course!

Want to find out about the infant microbiome? Want to know why vaginal birth and breast milk are so important to a child’s long-term health?

Want to dive into the science of breast milk?

Dive deeper and learn about the science of breast milk in our full-length course — featuring 7 top lactation scientists.

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You can contact us via Microbirth website:



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Toni Harman

Toni Harman

I help parents and health professionals better understand the science of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the microbiome.