How support from a DOULA impacts birth outcomes: The evidence from 16 recent studies

A new scoping review of 16 recent studies reveals a really long list of health benefits of having the support of a doula before, during and after childbirth.

Toni Harman


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Parenting info: How support from a doula impacts birth outcomes. Review of the evidence from 16 studies.
How support from a DOULA impacts birth outcomes. Find out more about the science of birth, human milk, neuroscience and the microbiome. 20 PRESENTATIONS + ONE YEAR ACCESS + 12 HOURS CPD/CE + TRANSCRIPTS — instant access to The Microbirth Summit: >>>

It was Friday night, it was raining, we were rushing to get to a birth, and then we hit bad traffic.

In the car next to me was Sally. She was driving the car. We were on our way to Sally’s first ever birth as a brand new birth doula.

I was filming Sally for a documentary I was making about doulas — called DOULA!

“I feel like the cavalry because the baby is on its way” said Sally (you can watch Sally in the film trailer on this link — the film is available to rent/buy on Vimeo)

The traffic eventually cleared and we got to the house to find the Mum in early labour, with regular contractions.

And wow. What a night it was. I saw with my own eyes the incredible difference having a doula can make to someone’s experience of childbirth.

Throughout that night, Sally provided non-medical practical and emotional support not just to the Mum, but to the Dad too, and also to the attending home-birth midwives.

Sally held the Mum’s hand during contractions, she made endless cups of tea, she did whatever was needed to help faciliate a smooth and beautiful vaginal birth. Within seconds, the baby was put onto the Mum’s chest for uninterrupted immediate skin-to-skin contact, with breastfeeding initiated within the first hour.



Toni Harman

I help parents and health professionals better understand the science of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the microbiome.